Simplify PPG Paramotor & Trikes

Because simple is simply simpler!

This is what we want and what many pilots are looking for and cannot find. To fly easily and safely, to take a break from the stress that surrounds us every day. To unpack, to buckle up and simply take off. Only those who do not need to worry can really enjoy. But the limitless freedom requires optimally coordinated and reliable technology. That is why we are constantly working on innovative solutions and new ideas for maximum safety and carefree flight joy. In doing so we like to fall back on old tried and tested, but also go our own way, to folow our philosophy. Our range of high-quality and technically excellent products is constantly expanding. We provide solutions that offer both optically and functionally high degrees of perfection. We are driven by our customers, our friends. Pilots who think like us, because only those who realize the needs of the base can know their claims!

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